Introducing the announcement of “Facebook connect 2020”!

At Facebook connect held on September 17, 2020, Japan time, the latest AR / VR technology and new products were announced.
This time, I would like to introduce the contents!

Announcement of new VR headset “Oculus Quesut 2”

The first thing that was announced was the new VR headset “Oculus Quesut 2”.
The quality was high at the time of the first Quest, but it has specifications that surpass the first generation due to improvements in image quality and processing speed.

Surprisingly, despite this quality, the 64GB model costs 33,800 yen …!

It is said that it will be released on 10/13, so I definitely want to consider purchasing this!

Launch of AR smart glasses in 2021

The project “Project Aria” to develop technology related to AR glasses was announced, and it became clear that Facebook will release the first smart glasses next year.
It will be jointly developed with Essilor Luxottica, which develops the world-famous sunglasses brand “Ray-Ban”.

Details such as functions have not been disclosed, but it seems that it is expected in the future that the person who is calling, which you see in animation and science fiction movies, will be displayed as a hologram.

It may not be long before we don’t need a smartphone …!


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