About Firebase Dynamic Links

Are you worried about increasing the conversion rate of sites, improving the satisfaction of the user experience, etc.? ??
“Deep link” is recommended in such a case.
This time, I will briefly explain the advantages of introducing “Deep Links” and “Firebase Dynamic Links” that is often used in DreamOnline.

1. About deep links

Do you often jump to the download page of the app from the website when you surf the internet? ??
This is the “deep link”.
A “deep link” is a link that takes you from a website to a specific page of your smartphone app.
If you don’t have the app installed, you can go to the download page.

2. Benefits of deep linking

The benefits of “deep linking” are various.

-Improved conversion rate
Before, you could only move to the home screen of the app.
Now you can go straight to a specific page.
For example, you can go directly to the product page you were looking at on the web page, which will improve the conversion rate.

・ Reducing user stress As
mentioned earlier, you can install and browse apps without going through the home screen one by one.
Therefore, it leads to reduction of user stress.

3.Firebase Dynamic Links

DreamOnline often uses “Firebase Dynamic Links”.
“Firebase Dynamic Links” is a very useful tool that allows you to set behavior changes for each platform.

・ One link can be used for the same flow line as iOS, Android, and desktop.
・ The flow line can be changed for each platform.
・ Since the link is retained even while the app is installed, a
 specific page can be displayed even after the installation is completed.
・ Links can be expanded by email, SNS, banner ads, and QR codes.

4. Finally

This time, we introduced “Deep Links” and “Firebase Dynamic Links”.
“Firebase Dynamic Links” is free to use and highly recommended!
DreamOnline can also be developed using “deep links” like this one.
If you have any ideas, please contact us!

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